Wednesday, June 16, 2004

You know...we really needed one mo Schmo

You gotta like a fake reality TV show. They pulled it off last year with the Joe Schmo show. And they are back again. This time, though, they got mo Schmo! Yes, his and her schmos! They have their two contestants on a kind of bachelor/bachelorette type of reality show. Of course, the dude is a bit of a dork and the chick may be smarter than the producers anticipated. That was one of the impressions I was left with after the first show. That and the double entendres. And the dork was picking up each one. In the very beginning of the fake show, they got rid of 3 people. Dork just about lost it when the host told the bachelor to give those he was to vote off his black balls. Later, when they were voting a woman off, the bachelor had to give the girls a pearl necklace. Dork was cracking up. Seemed even funnier when the bachelor would ask each girl "Can I give you a pearl necklace?". Maybe I should try that line.
One of the good thing about the show is the women. The Jane Schmo (they need a better name. I have some suggestions below), has a nice body. I think I spent the first 20 minutes trying to decide if she had fake boobs. Every time she moved, they bounced. I think my eyes were doing jumping jacks trying to keep up with them. She giggled, they bounced, my eyes bounced too. At she wore a bikini, I thought, no, they look real but I couldn't give a firm answer yet. Then there is Cammy, the dumb blond who is stacked! Yama Mama! I just about had to retire to the bedroom after seeing her in her swimsuit. The rest are ok.
The characters are rather interesting, especially the stalker guy. He could be fun to watch- ha! get it!

So, as I mentioned before, I do not like the idea of calling the female Schmo, Jane Schmo. C'mon, they could do better. It needs to be like Joe Schmo. How about Josephine Schmo? Maybe too long. Joetta Schmo? Maybe. Jodi Schmo. Brilliant!

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