Thursday, June 24, 2004

Watch out for the 9 layer, hmm...make that 6 layer dip

The Brewers dropped back to 4 games above the kringle line in a very disappointing loss last night. Had good seats in the Club level with a view straight done the first base line. The Crew had the bases loaded in the 8th & 9th with just one out and couldn't bring the runs in. Just when it seemed different this year, the team reverts back to their old ways. But it's only one game. They are still playing good ball. At least we can't complain about them not completing a sweep of the Rockies. They will win today.

So James finally went to a game. Last year we had season tickets. This year, with all the offseason bullshit, we decided to pass on it and basically go whenever we felt like it. I guess whenever is once a season now for the old man. Granted he has another kid coming but hey, this is baseball, you know, guy time! Where else can you sit, drink beer, watch sports, and keep an eye out for the hot women that walk around.

Maybe the 9 layer dip will scare him away. He had to get the 9 layer dip. James was disappointed because the menu in the club section didn't feature a "sandwich of the month" like they usually do. I looked it over and pointed out the 9 layer dip might be the feature this month. Being the sucker he is, he ordered it. I come back with beer and he give me the description of a layer of ground beef, beans, sour cream, cheese, etc. When the dip shows and he plows in (I would have bet the chips were going to meet the floor), he notices there is no beef in it. Upon inspection, the 9 layers appeared to really be about 6. I don't think the little squirt of guacomole on top can be considered a layer. It was a glorified taco dip. so you may want to reconsider the 9-no, the 6 layer dip at the ballpark. He should have gotten the cactus league nachos but being the smart man he is, he knew he would have caught hell from me if he didn't bring me one!

Summerfest starts today! I will be catching my boys, Night Ranger, after the fireworks. Looking forward to Summerfest this year. I hope to catch Buddy Guy, maybe Chevelle, Tesla, Bobby Friss, Cheap Trick among others. Seeing that parking and beer prices are up again, I may have to get a second mortgage. Look for a report tomorrow.

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