Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Island of Misfit Doughnuts

It is usually a good thing to see someone walking by with the big box of doughnuts. Like pirahna swimming in for the feeding frenzy, it is amusing to see people pop up out of their chairs and quickly move in while the getting is good. Now, one should not complain about free doughnuts, and that is not the intention here. I just want to point out what is best for the doughnut eating public (kinda like a doughnut PSA). When buying doughnuts for your fellow associates, please do the right thing and do not just tell the counter person to give a variety. That means they will dump all the bad doughnuts on you. Later in the morning, after the pirahnas have eaten every jimmy off that serving paper, there will be those couple of unloved pieces of bakery left that will sit there all day. Maybe someone will come by with a knife and carve off a piece (note how they don't take the whole thing), but for the most part, that danish will be trashed. In my work area, it is the danish, usually a peach or a lemon or some other downtrodden fruity thing, that is left unloved. I hope the cleaners eat them because no one else around here will.
So I ask you, in your act of generosity, take the extra step to observe what may qualify in your workplace for the Island of Misfit Doughnuts, and spare your co-workers of those pastries. Note what will be Homered and what even Chief Wiggums would not eat. It makes the doughnut world that much more enjoyable.

Now that I have saved the doughnut world, I would like to know what happens in your place of employment. What pastry is being sent to the Island?

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