Thursday, June 17, 2004


The last thing anyone wants to do when leaving their home is walk face first into a spider web. Yes, that just about happened to me 2 days ago. While going out the door, I clipped the edge of a spider web in the outside back door. After the intial shock of "WTF was that?", I looked up to see that a spider had weaved it's web on the upper corner of the inside door way. It spanned a couple of inches and was connected to the chain on the outside storm door. I pulled the web off the chain and let the rest hang there. Hey, I had to go to work. Plus, my tenants heads aren't that big. When I got home, the spider had come back and fixed it's web. So I got a broom and cleared the whole thing out.
Next morning, I do not notice anything on the way out. But upon arriving home, the web was back. So was the broom.
Zoom to this morning. The web is back and it seems bigger. Like 4 or 5 inches across. I never see a spider in it so I wonder where it is. I broom out the corner again. But now I am thinking what this spider is up to. Does it watch me go by and think, "Damn, if I caught that, I could eat for years!" I get the feeling by the time I get home, the web will be back and even bigger.
If this spider wants to rumble, then I say bring it on!!!

One week until Summerfest. They had one date to fill because Britney Spears pulled out. So SUPRISE! the Bodeans are playing! What a shocker!!! Couldn't have seen that one coming in a bazillion years!

Brewers are 4 games above the kringle line! Watched the first couple of innings last night before the World Poker Tour. Saw the Molitor celebration cermony. They gave him a mini SUV. Why? The guy can afford to buy himself a new car. But all in all, it was done in a classy way. When Mollie got up to speak, he said some quick words and wanted to get the night's game going. Just like when he was a player.

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