Saturday, July 10, 2004

Demanding what is right

Tonight I went to the Brewers game. Watched a magnificent pitching performance by Ben Sheets. Unfortunately, my experience at the game got off of a somewhat bad start. What occurred is one of my pet peeves. At the beginning of each baseball game, they ask that everyone rise, REMOVE their caps and stand for the national anthem. I had gone to the game with a group of about 15. There was one guy in our gathering that stood up but did not remove his hat. This is where I get a little pissed off. Upon seeing this, I tell my friend Jay, whose party this is, to tell this guy to remove his cap. He tells me he doesn't know who he is. I tell him I don't care, tell him to take the cap off. He says he doesn't know who it is and won't say anything. I tell Jay, hey, if you won't say it, I will. I say to the guy, "Hey, dude, take the hat off". He looks at me, gives a stupid smile, then a sneer, and looks the other way. I repeat it with a bit of anger in my voice. "Hey, take the hat off. It is disrepectful!". He kinda ignores me. Then the guy in back of me yells, "Take the hat off now!". He did. The guy behind me taps me on the shoulder and thanks me for saying something. I tell him simply that it is what is expected.

What the hell is wrong with people? They have no respect for their country. Show some honor, some pride for your nation. For crying out loud, there are soldiers fighting for our freedom in different lands so we have the opportunity to go and see a baseball game. If others had their way, we could never do this. I was ashamed of my friend Jay for not recognizing what was going on. And I told him I was disappointed in him. He had no clue what happened. Sad. For all I know, the gentleman behind me either served in the military or has a son who is right now. I feel good knowing I demanded what is right from this moron. I feel sad thinking he did not have the intelligence to do what is right to begin with.

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