Friday, July 09, 2004

Time to be serious

As the Hollywood leftists bash our president with hate driven jokes to raise money for flip flop candidate and Socialists and Communists in our country lead protests against freedom in Iraq, I feel the need to rise above the a-holes and address a more alarming situation. The statement cookie!

Yes, the statement cookie. What might you ask is a statement cookie? You know what it is. You go to your favorite Chinese restaurant and enjoy a good meal. You rip open the fortune cookie at the end to see, well, what your fortune is. But nowadays, you aren't really getting a fortune at all. You get a statement. You get something stupid like "Financial success starts within yourself". What is that crap?!?! That sure the hell isn't a fortune! Or how about this one "Someone needs to hear your soothing voice". Huh? If I want to hear bullshit, I can go out to the bar.

The time is now to let the fortune cookie producers of this great country of ours know we will not settle for the statement cookie! It is time to take back the fortune in the fortune cookie. Any time you receive a statement instead of a fortune, threaten to take action. NO, don't sue someone. Last thing we need is more stupid lawsuits tying up our judicial system. Collect the statements and send them to the cookie company demanding a fortune cookie! One person cannot take down the system, but a whole fortune cookie reading nation can!

Now that I have that off my chest, I have something else to talk about. Does anyone pay attention to the blogspot banner on the top of the page. Have you noticed that the information to search changes by what is in the context of the blog? That is kinda neat. However, I do need to say that I do not endorse any product up there. I do not want to have it appear that I endorse anyone to buy Cubs DVDs.

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