Saturday, July 17, 2004

Drinking for Jesus Tour 2004 keeps rolling

The DfJ Tour continued with a stop at St. Veronicas.  This festival happens to be right behind the famed PJs so it is quite convenient.   So extra driving needed.  Unfortunately it was a Bud event.  Yack!  Freakin great!  So I decide to drink some Michelob, figuring I can choke down about $10 worth, make my donation to the parish and be done with it.  The Toys were playing.  Of course, they started late.  This may be one of the most over-rated bands in the city.  The lead singer has got to be gay.  It looks like a damn aerobics class up there.  Who do you think you are, Freddie Mercury?  Maybe, he was gay.  Mick Jagger? He supposedly was caught in bed with David Bowie.  Dude, you are not a rock star.  Never have been, never will be.  Put you damn arms down and stay in front of the mic stand.  And stop picking up that guitar.  I am betting you do not know how to play.  I notice you have no volume on that thing.  The sound guy is doing his job damn well.  Their set list is ok.  Too poppy for my taste, but it is tolerable.  I will give them credit for actually playing a violin for Come on Eileen.  That was different.
It seems like the beginning to a disturbing trend.  The last two stops, unbeknownst (ok I just had to put that word in there) to me, were Bud stops.  I sound like a shill for the Miller Brewing Company (hey, they should advertise on this site!  Could pay me in beer),  but that swill from St. Louis has no taste.  The commercials are right.  Miller tastes much better than Bud.  But the Drinking for Jesus Tour must ramble on.  Hopefully, we don't run into more of these debacles.
Good to see the Brew Crew bounce back.  This series against the Cubs is big.  I think it sets the tone for the second half of the season.  Hall got the HUGE jump to steal second.  Good to see them win after giving the game away on Thursday.
Vegas is just around the corner.  Everyone put on Dean and sing with me. 
I love Vegas when I am winning, I love it when I lose.
I love Vegas like the army loves it manuals.
I love Vegas like Sinatra, loves Jack Daniels.

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