Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sit down Sammy!

Ah yes, the chance to sweep the Cubs has become available. Victor Santos pitched very well last night to beat the Chicago Schlubs 4-2. He beat Mark Prior. Sheets beat Clements. It would be amazing to see Doug Davis take down the Schlubs top 3 guy in Zambrano. I liked it when Sosa thought he had a cheap home run to the right field corner. Hit the ball and did his stupid little home run hop. Somehow the lumbering ox Grieve made it over there to easily make the catch. Ball was 2 feet short. Sit down Sammy before you hurt yourself.

5 games above the kringle line at the halfway point of the season. Who would have thunk that? Last year, the Brew Crew was 15 games below 500 at this time. What a turnaround. At least one site has Yost listed for manager of the year at the break. Good to see he is getting his due. Best yet, is he isn't satisfied. With a win today and a sweep, the Brewers can expect to see some nice crowds this weekend. C'mon everyone, let's go down to Miller Park and enjoy them this weekend. I will be there Saturday. Maybe I will auction off the Gorman Thomas bobblehead.

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