Thursday, July 08, 2004

Y'all come back now- NOT

Brewers sweep the Cubs! Wow! I get to type that! In a dominating, yes dominating, pitching performance in the series, the Brewers not only swept the Cubs, they humiliated them. Cubs scored 2 runs. Shut out twice. Batted .166. 31 strikeouts. That is pathetic. Best yet, this was against the best Cubs pitching they had to offer. The Brew Crew through their best at them and the Cubs were shut down. Sheets, Santos and Davis beat Clement, Prior, and Zambrano. Man, I wish I was in Vegas this week. I am sure I would have cleaned up.

While watching the game, Darren and Bill were talking about this really annoying fan of the Cubs. He is called Woo Woo. In the 8th inning, their TV mics were picking him up. They are on the loge level and he was down on the field level in the front row. All you heard was Cubs, Woo, Go, Woo, Cubs, Woo. Again, and again, and again. Sounded like some kind of siren. Went on for at least 5 minutes. It was annoying on TV. It had to be worse in person. Made me curious. Could I ask an attendant to tell him to stop? Would they do anything?

On the drive in, I saw a little Honda Civic driving along with a sign on the back saying it was for sale, $500 or best offer. As I pulled along side, I notice the side had been bashed in. Some rope in holding the driver side door on. Looked like he got T-boned. $500 for this??? Where is Goonta? He needs a car. So it's a fixer upper.

I skipped on going to the Poison/Kiss show last night. Had no interest in seeing Kiss. I am still disappointed that Poison was doing their own show. That was always one of the best concerts of the season. Poison would have 2 or 3 other hair bands play before them. Crowd would be about 15,000 and would be into it. Spoke with a girl who went last night. They left after Poison. Said quite a few were leaving as well. Not too shocking, IMO.

Maybe next time, I will tell you about my war with the city of Milwaukee.

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