Monday, August 23, 2004

The Casino

So I watched The Casino last night. It focused on the 22 year old kid who just became a casino host. During the episode, he takes a new client, a lady, out to Tony and Tina's Wedding at a different casino. While there, he hits on another woman and gets blitzed out of his mind drunk. I am talking literally crawling on the concrete sidewalk on his hands and knees, heaving drunk. He needed help getting into the limo. You could hardly understand what he is saying because he is slurring so much. One of the funny parts is that he likes to act like the big shot. He takes his client back stage to meet the cast. But he also took the lady he was hitting on. These two had to then help him out to the car, but the one chick takes off when she has the opportunity. She books out of there to leave the high roller taking care of her host. In one of the little vignettes were they talk about what happened, he looks like he is going to cry when he realizes he also lost $1000. What a putz! I would fire his ass immediately. But I won't be shocked if they don't because it made for good tv. Heck, if the kid had any class, he would resign and save the Golden Nugget the embarassment.

The Brewers totally blew the series against the Phillies and got swept. Played some good baseball for half the games but totally stunk to let the Phillies steal 3. Disgusting! They have hit a new low. This team is better than this, but they can't get it together.

Got an interesting work week ahead. I get to go downtown for jury duty on Wednesday and Thursday. I should start a pool on how many people I can send to the pen.

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