Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Late night plumbing

I got home from poker last night ( http://beercitypoker.blogspot.com ) around 10. I went in to wash up and take my contacts out. I had noticed the sink drain was going down really slow. Hey, what better time to clean out a drain than late at night? I looked at the trap and tested the nuts with my hand. They weren't on tight so I kept turn and removed the trap. It was clean as a whistle. Well, maybe a whistle that had a lot of spit in it, but it was clear. I turned on the water and noticed that it didn't come down the drain into the bucket as fast as it should so I was pretty sure that any clog was high in the drain. That is a good thing. Got out a snake and pushed it through the sink and saw something spash into the bucket. No clue what was clogging it. Wasn't hair but now my sink drains great. Everything went back together and no leak so far.
Late night plumbing can work out well sometimes.

I also went to check out where parking was for my jury duty tomorrow. Strange how I will have to drive 1 mile out of my way to get into the lot. From there, it looks like it may be a 15-20 minutes walk to the courthouse. I figure this from the bus schedule at the lot. The bus trip takes 9 minutes. I am looking forward to this. Let's see if they like the Bull's justice system!

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