Sunday, August 22, 2004

A nice easy Saturday

Took it easy on Saturday night. While drinking, I watched some football. Packers and Saints. Cowboys were playing on the west coast. They are on Monday night next week so I can catch them against the Titans. They beat Oakland on a last second touchdown. Offense played well, scoring two TDs but the defense isn't on track. They still have time but they need some run stopping in the middle. And they aren't getting any sacks.
Can't say I am impressed with the Pack. Favre looks pretty good already but they aren't scoring touchdown. Defense was being aggressive but the corners aren't good and the blitzes weren't getting to the QB. The Saints weren't expecting that many blitzes so they didn't pick them up well. Couch sucks. No other way to say it. The rookie corners are getting beat like a rented mule, especially the first pick, Carrol. Thomas looks better but they are mugging people downfield. The Saints were able to get penalty yards that way.
So I took it easy and was out of the bar on the early side. Went home and played some poker online and made about 50 bones.
Went down to the Pot and made about $40 playing poker on Sunday. Didn't eat at all and was shaking at the table. Other players found it to be hilarious. So now I know that coffee is not a food substitute.

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