Monday, August 16, 2004


Heard one of the stupider comments during the Olympics the other night. Dipwad says that the fathers of the male gymnasts must be disappointed in their sons because they are not in a "macho" sport. I laughed at dipwad and told him he was ridiculous. These guys are in great shape, and are tremendously strong. Why would you be disappointed with that? If your boy wins a gold medal, you would be extremely proud of him. Unless it was in water ballet. That goes without saying.

Brewers disappointed this weekend, dropping two of three. The Dallas Cowboys played like crap on Saturday night. But it is only preseason so I don't care. Speaking of not caring, the men's basketball team lost to Puerto Rico. Ha! They may go on to embarass themselves and their country. Sad because the good guys on the team get overshadowed by the a-holes. And that is your sports wrap!

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