Friday, August 13, 2004

Opening ceremonies

Went up to the bar to watch the Brewers tonight at PJs. They had the Olympic opening ceremonies on. It could be interesting. The Brewers were on a small tv I could watch so I decided to goof on the Olympics. I do like watching the countries march in. That is always impressive to see them come in, big and small, with pride beaming. A comment was made that the Americans would get boo'd. Heck, this is Europe where the feeling on the US is not that high (a feeling that was there before W took office). I thought it wouldn't happen mainly because the Iraqis and Afghans got a good response. Maybe it was my own hubris, but I was feeling pretty confident that the Americans would get a good response. And they did. It was more surprising to see the NBA bums in there.

Brewers won tonight. Surprisingly, Wes Obermueller had a great pitching performance. Still, he should not be in the lineup. Don't care if he cracked an HR. This was not his normal pitching job.

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