Sunday, August 08, 2004

Drinking for um cows

The Drinking for Jesus Tour is somewhat on hiatus. So, on Saturday, it was drinking for cows at the State Fair. It was an interesting night. Had no trouble finding parking but had to wait 25 minutes to get in. The line was huge! Seemed like a bad joke. You would think they would learn from Summerfest and have people selling tickets outside the grounds to make it easier. Nope. Well, once we got in, got a beer right away. Strange how that was the cheapest beer we would find. Started to walk to the Saz's High Life stage to see Bobby Friss. On the way, we had to stop to allow some cow (neat rhyme!) to go by. They were moving about a dozen small ones towards the race track. I announce they must have cow racing and I have 5 bucks on the brown one to win. There were two black kids standing by watching this. One of them asks if they are going to fight. Huh? Yeah, that's it. Cow fighting at the state fair, you idiot. I think I had them convinced there was going to be a race.
As we move on towards the stage, there is a tent featuring 40 live reptiles. Brian had to see this. He paid the admission ($2) to go in and see a bunch of snakes, a dead alligator (looked dead to me at least) and a big turtle. Kinda stupid.
We get down to the High Life Stage and enjoy Bobby Friss. Interesting crowd. People mostly in their 40s and 50s dancing, looking like idiots, but having a great time. Hey, that is all that matters. Strange was noticing a guy that we had seen last year. Kinda strutting around all by himself. I dubbed him the white Freeway. Well, we are standing drinking, enjoying the old people dance. Now most of them had little rhythm. And some of the stupid dance steps they did were priceless. I hope I don't look that dorky when I go out there (no comments needed thank you). During the breaks we walked around. Checked out some other bands. Nothing else that really grabbed our attention. Enjoyed more Bobby and called it a night at the end. On the walk out, we came across the winning Clydesdales. We stopped and watching them announce winner and saw them do their victory lap in the coliseum and come out. Some of the horse got feisty and had to be taken away from the crew. These horses were huge. When they were done, we walked through a cow barn trying to find a way out since the way we came in was blocked for some reason or another. Watched a guy slap a cow to move it aside so he could pick up it's crap with a pitchfork. Of course, Brian had to slap one two. I think he liked that too much. Saw people taking all the gear off some of the Clydes. Beautiful animals. Huge.
That is about it. State Fair 2004. Not quite Summerfest, but what is?

Tonight I went and had sushi for the first time. A friend has been bothering me about it saying I owed her for something or another. I can't recall what but I decided to try it. Well, at least a little bit. I had a combo meal with some sushi and chicken teriyaki. I have to say the sushi wasn't bad. There were some seaweed rolls, some shrimp, tuna and something that we weren't quite sure about. I think it was whitefish. Anyway, they were good. I thought I might gag on it but I think they lacked some taste. The teriyaki was quite good. There was also a small salad, some potato salad (didn't know that was Japanese) and some seaweed thing that looked like spider legs. Tossed some wasabi on one of the seaweed rolls. Whew! That cleared the sinuses quite quickly! I may try this again. Don't know for sure.

Other than all that, played some poker online this weekend and it sucked. I kept seeing kings hit the river to get busted out. Pissed me off. Hopefully, it gets better this week.

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