Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Maybe I should have flipped them off too

Am I becoming an angry driver? Possibly. Had a minor incident with another stupid person on the road yesterday. This is one of those selfish acts you see that I never understand. Some people just feel they need to be in a certain lane so they can hit their exit so matter how far down the road it might be. Of course, with all of Milwaukee's left lane freeway changes, there is too many of these idiots that clog up the road. Take for example yesterday. I get by the stadium and I notice that there aren't many people in front of me, nor behind me. As I get to 35th street (heading east), I notice a car get on the freeway and go across all lanes to get into the left lane, where I just so happen to be. I am doing a healthy 65 mph. I see this car and wonder what the hell they might be thinking to zoom across all lanes into the one that has the car going faster than they are? Well, maybe they have some sense and will be doing the same speed. Nope. I let off the gas at first, thinking they may speed up but 55 was their top speed. They hit the brakes as I came up on them. I hit my horn. They then sped up to 60. Again, some people have no courtesy for others. Why are they moving across all lanes to get the left lane? For an exit that is 4 miles down the road? Stupid. Stay out of the way. This is like the people who do 55 but immediately get in that left lane so they can change 5 miles down the road. What happened to slower traffic keep right?

Maybe I should start taking down license plate number and car descriptions for the stupid driver awards. Thoughts?

I am playing some poker again this week. Monday through Wednesday. I feel like I am in training. I qualified for an online tournament on Aug 21. Top prize there is like $50,000. Even if I would come in 20th, I would win $5k. So I am getting my tourney game in full swing. Doing ok so far, but need to do better.

Maybe I should play at work. There is like nobody here. Most of them are up in Kohler for the PGA tournament. Today will be dead.

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