Saturday, August 07, 2004

He deserved to get flipped off

Some drivers really piss me off. And this guy yesterday did piss me off. So I flipped him off and gave him a few choice words. Yeah, so he didn't hear me but he saw me and I felt better. And I don't do that kind of thing while driving. Hell, I don't look at anyone! So why do some people think that just because they put on a turn signal, that automatically entitles them to switch lanes, whether your car is in the way or not? This van gets on the freeway, flips on his signal and goes into my lane. I lay on the horn. If he continues he hits my front fender. Dude, you are moving right into me. Now what does the other driver do? He keeps coming into me! Doesn't back off. Hey, I am still here you asshole! There are no cars behind me. No reason for him to have to make that lane change right away. Why do think they can jam their way in? So when I went by, I flipped him off. He saw me and I felt a bit vindicated and less stress. If there was a business name on the van, I would have called it and bitched at them too.

Kolb blew one for the Brewers last night. Ugly. And to make it official, I am off the Wes Helms wagon. I no longer think Bubba should be playing. His defense is becoming worse. And his bat does not justify him being out there.

I am so glad it is the weekend. I need some rest.

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Anonymous said...

I can verify that Steve looks at no one when driving. One time I drove next to him on 45 S for about 3 miles and I would look over and wave at him and nothing! Not so much even a glance....coulda been flashing him and he would not have had a clue! oh well.... jodi