Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Electricity- E LEC TRI CITY!

C'mon everyone, sing along in School House Rock fashion. Electricity, E LEC TRI CITY! Now that I have that ditty stuck in your head for the day...there is a reason for it. I got up late today. About an hour and a half late. It was a good thing as I got to bed around midnight. But yesterday I came home and found my clocks were off. Power had gone out at some point I guess. Or was it my tenants?
The other day, he paid me part of the rent. On the envelope was a note saying I would be paid in full by the 17th (yeah, I know I am generous, but he has to pay more for paying late), or "buy rights" I could be paid by Tuesday and I should give him a call. What did the message mean, "buy rights". I called him the next day told him the 17th was fine and asked what he meant "buy rights"? He explained that I was always first on his list to paid because of the lease and that "by rights", I had the choice to take payment right away or I could let him pay his electricity bill and that way they wouldn't turn his power off. Uh...ok. On Monday night, I came home and noticed the upper unit was totally dark. I wonder if he got cut off? They are the kind that just about always has some lights on (hey, they are vampires!) at all times of the night.
So maybe I lost power yesterday and they reset the whole house. I dunno.

Brewers won a good game last night in Atlanta. Sigh, still in a post All Star game swoon though. Hopefully, they can still make things exciting in the second half.

Did well playing poker last night. Came in 4th out of about 100. My training keeps chugging along.

I thought I had my first candidate for stupid driver yesterday but I didn't get to see the crappy two color van's license plate. This is the kind of discourteous driver that needs to be knocked off the road. I go from 45S to 94E at the zoo interchange. This van is already on 94 and makes the lane change into the left lane before the can in front of me could accelerate out of the ramp. Van is barely doing 55. As I passed him, I notice car after car going around him. I hate this selfish move. You have no where to go for about 4 to 5 miles. You don't need to make your lane change there. Again. Slower traffic keep right you imbecile!

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