Thursday, August 12, 2004

Take the last train to Chicago

And an early one at that. I am down in Chi-town today for work. Took the train down. It is such a nice ride. I always enjoy it because you see a side of two cities that you don't really see. When the train pulls out of Milwaukee, it weaves through the southside just beyond downtown. You see the backs of buildings, junkyards, trucks and buses that were parked 30, maybe 40 years ago and are a pile of rust. Old loading docks that had their rail doors bricked up but with gaps at the top. You see roofs of old buildings that are buckling in next to others that look like they have been just renovated. Then out of nowhere, you see this patch of dirt surrounded by a fence and about 8 t0 10 horses outside a barn. Huh? There looks to be a little stable on the near southside, maybe just east of KK/Water. Made me do a double take. I wonder if that is for horses that draw the carriages around downtown?
The train keeps going south. You see piles of old bricks, rubble here and there. An old, old building that either collapsed on its own or was turn down. It is interesting because there is the rusted machinery it housed exposed to the world. You then notice streets and realize exactly where you are. Crossing KK just south of Beecher. Then past the old Kmart and Klements. Across Howell. Then Oklahoma towards the park and ride. Then Howard and the cemetery. Before you know it you are flying out of the city. About a half hour later, you stop in Sturtevant. People get on the train, pay the conductor after we start to roll on. The view become pretty plain then. Through fields, some small town. I noticed a horse farm. There were about a dozen white fenced areas, each one with only one horse in them. Noticed 2 horses standing by each other with just the fence between them. Must be a horse conversation.
Before you know it you are in FIB land. Through some upper crust northern suburbs, Bannockburn being one of them. You know this because everything in Bannockburn. Bannockburn Plaza. Bannockburn Mediplex. Bannockburn Law Offices. Bannockburn Public Toilets. Some people must be full of themselves and their town.
A quick stop in Glenview and then 20 or so minutes you pull into the city of Chicago. Same kind of thing as Milwaukee. You see the backs of buildings, the rust cars, etc. But things are busier here. You pass the double decker Metra cars. I have never rode those but I hear they can be packed for rush hour. You then pull into the station and join the mass of people walking to their jobs. It makes me appreciate Milwaukee that much more.

Caught the last episode of the Amazing Race last night. I really want Team Midget to lose. They are so annoying. Looks like next week it gets extremely catty with them and young couple that is kicking everyone's ass, though they are stupid and can implode. It irked me when Team Midget had the nerve to say that everyone has underestimated us and that now they know we are for real and they are intimidated by us and blah, blah, blah. Stop being the whiny bitch team. That sounds good. Team Whiny Bitch and Midget. I still cannot wait for them to fall. I think it will happen soon, or at least I hope. The married couple do quite well, but it looks like they play the race card next week. The preview has him talking about how he likes Africa because he looks around and sees people just like him- except these people are poor. Wait, he is from South Central L.A. He should be used to seeing people like him.
The two "pretty" couples look hard to beat at this time. Their problems are that they bicker too much. That is why I think one will implode. As for the bowling moms, I don't see them doing much more. The brothers were done and I should say they should feel embarrassed that they didn't even finish the leg.

Man, I need some sleep. Played poker again last night and didn't get home until midnight. Came in second, so it was somewhat worth it. Hopefully, I make it though the day and don't fall asleep on the train going home.

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