Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jury Duty- One and done

That was a waste of a day. I was called for jury duty. I was to be there Wednesday and Thursday. Instead I sat on my ass for a day and did pretty much nothing at the courthouse. Best part of the day was having lunch with two lovely lady friends (that must score me some points! Or Beer!).
Got there at about 7:45. Get shuttled into the office at 8 and sit in the little "auditorium". A lady comes in and explains the process and how they are going to film a new video describing the process and how everything will work. She mentions to the people sitting in the center and left section that they will be in the video and if they do not want to be seen, they need to move to the other section. Half a dozen people hurriedly move. I wonder what skeletons they have in their closet. This process happens two more times. And more people move. I should have moved into the section and had my smiley face preserved in history. But I digress.
So we could through the whole intro process, what to expect, yada yada yada. Then we have a break. Huh? A break from what? At about 10:10, they call out the first list of names. I am not chosen to I sit in the "quiet" room to read my book. Roughly a half hour later, they start a movie in the auditorium. My Greek Wedding. Problem is, they have the sound turned on in the "quiet room". WTF? After 5 minutes someone goes and gets it turned off. They call some more names- again, not mine- and before you know it, it is lunch time. Need to be back by 1:30. Cool. So I call Ms. Gambino to meet her and the Shoe at Gametime. We have an interesting lunch as I listen to the girls reminisce about the good happy hour specials when the place used to be an Italian restaurant many years ago. How they would order one of everything and two of these! They giggled as I looked at them strange. I was more interested in watching the waitress who bounced everytime she took a step. Nice bounce she had. Made me want a milkshake.
After lunch, I went back to the jury room and sat. Unfortunately for me, I had finished my book just before lunch. They had a lot of magazine around (for some reason a lot of video game mags???) but I didn't really feel like reading those. Heck, I wanted to go to court and pass judgment on someone! Instead I sat around some more. Then they put another movie on. Another one of the Oscar award winning movies, Sweet Home Alabama. Ugh! I paged through a Newsweek and watched the movie. Thankfully time flew. They called more names. Not mine. Called more names, not mine. Finally they call for the rest of the jurors to come forward. We are done for the day and do not need to report tomorrow. Our $19 will be mailed sometime in the next week or so. Whoo Hoo!
So I did not get to distribute any Bull justice. No death penalty, no life sentence, no cement shoes. That sucked!

Watched the Amazing Race the other day. Now that Team Midget is gone, the most annoying team is the pretty boy. Man is this guy a top shelf a-hole! He argues with a guy in a foreign country about how much he should be paid for the taxi ride. He risks going to jail because he doesn't want to pay the guy for the job done. Hey, jerkoff, you should be happy you aren't in jail still. Then he blames his girlfriend for not standing by him and supporting him. She was being the rationale one. Was. Later she agreed she should have stood by him. No, you shouldn't. He was wrong. The twins will be gone soon. Still cannot work together. I like the married couples chances right now.

Brewers stunk it up again. I don't mind them losing but when you become Chicago's whipping boy, it sucks.
Who said trampolining is an Olympic sport? Neither are gymnastics. Yes, they are athletes but it is not a sport. It is a competition. Whenever judges are involved, you have opinions. And you have the chance for scandal. Take gymnastics and figure skating out as the favorites will always win and the losers will always complain.

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