Friday, August 13, 2004


I am glad it is Friday. I need some sleep. Felt pretty tired on the train coming back yesterday afternoon. I did my good deed of the day by helping an old lady with her luggage. She was quite grateful for the assistance (my grandma would be so proud of me!). I am still amazed by the stuff you see in "hidden" Milwaukee. I think the train ride just leaving and arriving in the city is worth the trip. On the way back, I noticed an old sailboat that was hiding behind a building. Must have been there at least 20 years. Noticed a lot of ducks in the river and on ponds. I wonder what life is like with having your butt wet the majority of the time.
Ate at an English pub yesterday. I liked how the beer was served just slightly chilled like it is in Europe. Brings out the flavor. English tourists must shudder when they see a sign that says Ice Cold Beer.
Does anyone seem to care that the Olympics start tonight? It seems like it just isn't a big thing. Maybe the better question is can you name 5 athletes that are not basketball or soccer players?
As you can see, I don't have much here today. Just babbling on.

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Joyster said...

The only thuing worse than beer would have to be warm beer. Yuck. This is Taylor, by the way, thanks for visiting my blog, sir. Yes, Canterbury is always loose.