Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Political commentary

I just heard the CEO of Brown-Foreman on CNBC speaking. For some reason he is on there speaking of why he is supporting and voting for the liberal canidate. One comment that he made that caught my attention was the US needs to lead the way globally again. The trade will pick up with a change in administration. That the US must lead by example, not intimidation. Interesting comment. I would say that the Bush administration has led by example and not intimidation. Because we decided to take the fight to the terrorists and show we are not going to take their shit, is leading by example. Who did we intimidate? The French? Who hasn't intimidated the French? It is a point of view comment. The terrorists will continue to attack those who bow to them. Does anyone think that the terrorists in Iraq will not kidnap any Spaniards or Phillipinos now that their countries pulled out? Of course not. Taking the fight to the evil powers of the world was the move to make. Just like football. You go into a prevent defense and you lose. The US was not going to turtle and be hit again. Bush did the right thing.

Which leads to my next comment. I like reading some political blogs. Not too many, but some. One I came across yesterday had a lib with a list of reasons why the dem chump should be president by listing what Bush had done. Basic list you would expect. Comments about attacking the wrong country (???), lying to the country, his military record, and grades, etc. My favorite in the list is the lying to the country comment. When did this happen? Are they talking about liberating Iraq because of the WMD? They can't be. The 911 commission and a review of the intelligence system proved that Bush did not lie. He went on the information that was made to him by the CIA. It was deemed to be very reliable. Heck, the British thought the same thing. So did Iraqi generals. So did the UN as they were doing inspections. But when 2 sources show that the President did not lie, why can't the liberals give it up? Hell, Clinton had the same info and didn't have the balls to truly do something about it.

Ok, enough of that. Traffic was a cluster f%*# last night. Not sure why. There was an accident by the zoo interchange that slowed things down. I was able to move through pretty well though. I am certain there is a pattern you can take in Milwaukee traffic that gets you through the slow spots. 45 S can be mastered on the drive home in you know what lane to be in at what location. Same with 94 E. It makes getting through congestion easier and works at least 90% of the time. I will divulge the strategy later, but for now I digress. I get to the zoo and get on 94 east, build up speed just to find eveyrone slowing down again. WTF? There is a squad car blocking the right lane. Why? No reason as he put them off and moved on, opening the lane again. There was no evidence of an accident that I could see. It was at the time I smelled something bad. Barnyard like. I know the fair is this week but are animals arriving already? I am not sure whether the smelll were the barns or the carnies setting up the ride.
Traffic got backed up at 35th street as well as someone got rear ended. This 20 minute drive was becoming 30 and more pretty quickly. I finally got open road and cruised. What a mess though.

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Anonymous said...

I know what your stragegy is for traveling on 45 S! At this time, I will divulge it, just like the masked magician revealed all of the cool magic tricks on Fox. Now, I can only say what I do from Capitol Drive to the Zoo, so your results may vary.

From Capitol Dr stay in the right lane. This lane seems to move faster from Capitol until just before the North Ave on ramp. Move to the center lane just after you cross over Mayfair Rd. It is here that traffic seems to open up. You stay in the center lane until going thru the Zoo interchange, staying on 894. If you are a skilled driver, you can move back to the right lane, but will need to cross over 2 lanes to avoid the folks merging from 94 E.(this is only recommended for very skilled drivers!(as every one knows that I am!)) Once you merge with 894 E, shoot over to the left lane right away. This will allow you to bypass all the idiots who cannot quite figure out how to merge and don't want to get off on Greenfield Ave, but don't realize the lane goes away until they are half way off the ramp.

Steve, does your pattern vary from this?? Jodi

(and you said no one ever leaves a comment?!?!)