Thursday, September 30, 2004

Forgot to mention the old crazy lottery guy

I stopped at the Citgo to get gas and buy a lotter ticket last night on my way to play poker. When I got there, some old guy was inside giving them hell about something. I tried to get the gas but the pump said I needed to see the attendant. It wasn't taking my card. This has happened before so I used a diffferent card. But I went to the cashier anyway as I wanted a lottery ticket. I found out the machine wasn't working but she was trying frenetically to get it going. The stoner dude inside came out to look at the pump. As we walked towards my car, he looks at my license plate and exclaims "Night Ranger! Cool dude" Good thing I was drinking anything as it would have been spat airbound. As I pump the gas, I see the old crazy lottery dude go back into the store to bitch some more. I walk back in when I am done to verify the machine is not working and she tells me they are having a problem Not a big deal to me. But the old guy is back for a third time. He now has parked in front of the doorway and is giving the stoner dude hell. Hey, old fart. Go down the street to the liquor store and buy the ticket there. It is not their fault they can't get you your ticket. It is not a conspiracy and I don't want to hear any bullshit about this being a lucky outlet. Now get the f*$& out of here!

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