Friday, October 01, 2004

You be buggin!

I should have know it would happen. On the way back from Madison, I got gas just before getting on the freeway. Gas was cheaper at $1.94. I got out the squeegee and cleaned the windshield. Hopped on the freeway and then SPLAT! I am on the freeway for maybe a minute when the bug hits my windshield straight on leaving a big mess. If there wasn't that pane of glass, it would have gotten me right between the eyes. I spent the time cleaning the windshield of the damn bugs and right away it gets dirty. Now I wouldn't mind that much but it was right in the line of vision! And you know what happens when you hit the windshield just smears it around. Fuckin' great! So now I have a bit of a smear as I driver. Of course another guy bites the dust on the glass a short time later. This one was rather juicy as it slowly ooozed up the windshield as I drove.

Had lunch at the Great Dane. I should have tried the Brat, Beer and cheese soup. But the burger was huge so it was a good idea to pass. Some day I will have to try the beer they brew there too. My co-worker gave it a thumbs up. It was the way he said it. I asked if it was good. He didn't give a lame response of "It's good". It was "You would really enjoy it". That is a good beer answer.

I did some bonus whoring last night online. Made some money so life is good. Pissed me off that I tried to write something up but ended up deleting it when I tried to do a spellcheck (yeah, I know don't even ask how that happened).

Tyrone Williams better have gotten his act together. I don't necessarily like the fact the Cowboys signed him but as I mentioned yesterday, he might have been the best option, though the rook Reeves did play ok considering he was pressed into action on short notice.

Hey, check that out on the right. I got links now! Sometime this weekend I will start adding some more on. For now, any and all sports fans need to read the Daily Czabe if you are not already.

And finally (for now), I need to give Jo credit. Her comments about following the truck with DONKEY PORN sticker had me laughing on the floor. Maybe she should tell her husband to take it off their truck.

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