Thursday, September 30, 2004

the quickie

I am heading out to Madison shortly so this may be quick. Played poker last night
I started the poker blog a bit back as some of you may see. Funny thing happened last night. I don't know if this person reads the blog and picked up a nickname I use for a goof (Bagman!) but he was using the phrase last night. Other weird thing was how many people knew my name. People I hadn't seen before let alone had met. Because of my success in the series, some people do know I have done well, but last night was kinda strange.

Ever wonder why the person whose birthday it is needs to bring in the treats? Shouldn't everyone bring in something for them? They are the one who should be receiving the presents. It just doesn't seem right.

The Cowboys are getting hit by the injury bug now. Lost their cornerback and blocking tight end. Scary thing it Tyrone Williams is in Dallas trying out. Scarily, he may be the best option for them, even though he was run out of Altlanta.

That's it, I am out.

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