Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Funny little liberals

There is a girl I work with who says she is not a Dem. She is certainly a liberal. Good person. She will send me various policitical emails both lib and conservative. I always wonder why she sends some to me though. It has to be because she knows some will set me off. For example the one I got from her after lunch. It talks about how the office of the President was not meant to be an emporer nor benefit from having held office. How Truman used his own stationery and bought his own stamps. Today's President uses Air Force One for his campaign stops. It blathers on about how dignifying past Presidents were and contrasts them to todays. It seems innocent enough until the end. It finishes with:
"The current President is typical of the low state of American politics. He has made few decisions, all of them wrong, and otherwise spent his time raising money and campaigning."
Interesting comment. I like how the person who wrote this tried to make it sound bi-partisan. Let's take a cheap shot at the administration and belittle the President in the end. All decisions wrong? Most of the country would totally disagree with that comment as they support him. I also like how they don't clarify that. Spent time raising money is a stupid comment. Again, prove it. Typical liberal trash. The "do anything, say anything so I can win" candidate from the Dems is the opposite of this message? Please. And I thought this girl was more intelligent than this.

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James Wigderson said...

Stop the e-mails by sending her this article: