Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My cheesy insurance agent.

Yesterday I had to call my insurance guy about my new policy. I actually read what was in there. There were some inaccurate items that I wanted to have cleared just in case something came back to bite. My insurance guy retired and sold his business to some husband/wife combo. I hadn't had any interaction with them so I didn't know what to expect.
I called and introduced myself to the secretary who put me on hold. Next thing I knew, some guy picked up. I introduced myself again he starts talking. "Hey buddy". Ooh, bad move. One thing I hate is when people I don't know call me "buddy", "pal" or even worse "chief". Don't try and make it sound like we spent many a night drinking. So he starts this up and I stop him. I ask who I am speaking to. He hasn't even introduced himself to me and I am getting the buddy talk. So I finally get to talking about the errors in there. Now I am getting the 3rd grader talk. "Oh, that shouldn' be there now should it? Let's get that off of there and make it better" WTF?
So this goes on for a couple of minutes. I am picturing what this fruitcake looks like. Somehow I see some big 70s style curly hair and the cheesy suit. He then asks when I will put the Mustang away and to call him when I do. I had never done that before with the old guy. He goes on to explain how he was just at a car show and those cars are so beautiful and how no one should drive them in the winter, yada yada yada. It will save me some money so I will call him. But I can't think that this dude is off his rocker. I would consider changing agents but this guy could be the source of some good material.

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