Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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Where is Paul and the band when I need them. Letters, we got letters...
Ok, one letter.
Ahem...letter number one.

First of all, congrats on the Cowboys win. Although I could only stay awake for the 1st half, I did watch and agree that the hype for MNF is a little overboard.
So, do you have a name for the "I don't have to use signals, I just move from lane to lane guy"? I was behind this ahole from Watertown Plank to the Hale tonight after work and he just went back and forth between three lanes to whichever one was moving faster. The problem is he was causing more cluster than there was already. No signal, no warning , just whoosh...he changed lanes. In the end, I ended up in front of him by 60th street. And I thought my 6pm ride home was going to be a breeze...Ha.
See ya

Name witheld to protect the innocent

Yes, Aleta, there is a name for that kind of driver. Stupid. As I had mentioned once before, when riving through Milwaukee, there are certain lanes you need to be in if you want your commute to flow evenly. For example, if driving on 45 South during the evening rush hours, you want to get into the right lane as you approach Burleigh. Too many people in the center and left lanes on their brakes (I have yet to figure out why the lanes get backed up, maybe too many people jamming their way into them for little reason?). Once you get past Burleigh, you may want to change into the center lane, but you have a bit of time. You can wait until Center St to do so. Once you hit North Ave, you want to get back into the left lane. Oncoming traffic from North can be a bitch! But once you get by the curve, the left lane will open up nicely to the zoo. Unless some FIB is in front of you and changing into the center lane at the last moment (and if that MFer stops dead in front of you waiting to change lanes, hit your horn and loud!), you will go right into 94 east no problemo.
See, the idiot in front of you has no clue on how to drive. If you don't understand the flow, you will not get anywhere no matter how many times you change lanes. Do what I do. Wave to him next time. That will make his day.

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Anonymous said...

so.....I am driving home and in the past week have witnessed more bad, dumb, stupid driving on 45S. Today I followed a guy from Capitol Dr to North Ave who had a sign attached to the back of his pickup that said, 'I love to watch donkey porn' WTF?!?! I did not know that the donkey porn market was that big.... May have to google that one and see what I get a hit on...

The second idiot driver was a guy in a yellow Hummer. He thought that the off ramps on 45S were used to pass cars on the right. This guy did this twice. Once at the Burleigh off ramp and again at the North Ave on ramp, here he actually drove on the shoulder until he was almost over the bridge at Hwy 100. Where are the cops when you need them?? It is guys like that that make me go down the middle of the lane and on ramp so that you can't get by me. You are not in that big of a hurry guy... Oh well... enough of my ramblings. Jodi