Monday, September 06, 2004

Getting the better of a 9 year old

Randy and Jodi had their annual party yesterday. Nothing like sitting around drinking beer in someone's backyard on a nice summer day, knowing you don't need to go to work tomorrow. It is the usual cast of characters, except for 3 kids running around. That is not a big deal, until the older one decided she is going to run the beer tap. It could be good experience. She can go back to school and tell them she did some bartending over the weekend. But, it is a bad thing for people to start tipping her. Now, everytime you want a beer, she demands a quarter. to nip this in the bud. It is now Happy Hour!!! All beer is just a dime. As if to help with my plan, a couple of people rush up to get beer. She is not liking this and wants money. She is lucky if someone gave her anything. I then tried to negotiate with her. I offered her a buck if I got the next 7 for "free". We go back and forth. I tell her no deal. For some reason, she then counters with 12. I jump on it. But then, she tries to reneg. No way honey! It is 12 or nothing. So she gave me the buck back. Yes, I got the better of the 9 year old yesterday. No twerp is getting the best of me when it involves beer!

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