Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What is with the giant fishstick?

Labor Day. A nice day to lay around and do nothing. So I tried that. Watched Paycheck. I thought the storyline was good, but I now realize what others have said for a long time. Ben Affleck is a pretty bad actor. He seems to over act. But sometimes the bad acting makes for a good bad movie. That may be the story of his career.

So after trying to be lazy, I remembered that I needed to cut the grass at my mother's house. Knowing it wouldn't be cut for at least another 2 weeks, I hauled my butt off the couch, threw the mower in the truck and went over there. Along the way, I got a call from some friends about going to Hooters for some wings. Hey, the reward for my work. I got the grass mowed, went home, showered and went off to Hooters. As I got off of the freeway, I noticed some big "thing" in front of the Red Lobster. As I approached it, I wondered what the heck it was. My first thought was the the RL had a big fishstick outside for some promotion. Getting closer, I noticed some guy running in and out of traffic. Great, now I am going to hit some clown and have to wait to get to my wings! The fishstick turned out to be some kind of dalmation firefighter mascot. The local fire department was out raising money for MD. Good gesture, but bad execution. Beside the guy running through traffic, there was another guy just standing there. So they were collecting money as people stopped at the traffic signals. That intersection sucks as it is; it doesn't need people standing there, forcing traffic to slow down even more. I wonder how many cars also stood there as the light changed because some old bitty was searching through her purse to drop a dollar into a fireman's boot.

A-hole alert!!!! The New York Yankees were suppose to have a double header yesterday with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. But the Rays had trouble getting out of FL. Hmm...it was only a hurricane causing the delay. They had to cancel the first game and reschedule. Now the Yankees are asking that the league announce it as a forfeiture by Tampa. WTF? Because of a natural disaster, a team cannot get there on time. Now you want to cost them a game? Terrible. They should be ashamed. People wonder why the Yankees are despised. It isn't because they win. It is what they do away from the game.

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