Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How I would love to see them ticket the slowers

I have said it many a time here. There is no common courtesy on the highways and biways of our country anymore. People drive like they are they only people on the road. Concepts such as "Slower traffic keep right" seem to be gone. There are too many drivers who just don't keep up with the flow of traffic and THEY are the ones that will cause the accident. There was talk about giving a ticket to these "slowers" (hey if you are speeding and called a speeder, then those who go slow and block the left lane are slowers). Slowers annoy the crap out of me. They cause problems because you need to change lanes to get around them. Worse is when these damn slowers get together and block two lanes. Hey, it is their choice to not keep up their speed, but if they choose not to, then get in the right lane. Get to the side where you are not the problem. Too many people drive in the left lane that shouldn't be. Maybe I should start to out these idiots. Put there cars on the net showing they are moronic drivers. Heck, I just might do that.

According to my stats here, this is post number 101. Have I been blathering on about nonsense that long already? Better yet, have I said anything that really made sense?

Chalk one up for laziness. You would think that after a while I would learn. After many days of getting to work and noticing I had 1 black sock and 1 blue, that I would go and get some brighter lights in the bedroom. Of course not. Today, I got the socks right but the polo was pretty damn wrinkly. Did the "hand iron" thing in the restroom, but that didn't make a difference. Maybe I just walk around with my chest puffed out.

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James Wigderson said...

Soak the shirt, stick it under the hand dryer. When people see it as damp they'll think you're sweating from working hard.