Thursday, September 16, 2004

How suite it is

While drinking, I sat in a suite at the Brewers game last night. While everyone wanted to see Barry Bonds hit home run 700, I was just here to have some beers, eat some good food and watch some baseball.
Then I saw her. The hot dog girl. She was cute. I watched her walk around a bit. I couldn't wait to see how she could handle a wiener. Oh yeah! She was good. But then she disappeared. The woman I wanted to handle my wiener was gone. She showed up later in the game though. I saw some guys order 2 hot dogs. I have never seen someone toss a wiener in public. But she did. The movement of the wrist was good. The first dog sailed right to the guy. The second...well. The guy went to grab it but he only got the wrapper. The hot dog came flying out and hit the person next to him. I thought I was going to die from laughter. But now, I must go back to a game and find my favorite wiener handler.

Oh yeah, there was a game too. As mentioned people wanted to see Bonds hit the dinger. They cheered when the batter before him was walked in the 9th to bring him up for a final at bat. They also booed when they thought he wasn't being pitched too. Listen up. You do not groove a pitch down the middle to Bonds. You need to paint the corners, make him swing at a pitch that isn't great. And that is what the Brewers pitchers did. They gave him nothing down the middle. Best yet was the defense. They had shifted over to right with the second baseman playing short right field. Twice, he stole what would have been singles away from bonds, especially the first one that Bonds had taken for granted.

I have been following Rathergate pretty closely for the last week. I find it amusing to look at the right's proof and then go back and look at how the left had gleefully attacked and now defend. I find it funnier how the basis of the story is trying to be brought back to the limelight by Dan Rather. Let's look at his reasoning...It seems that if I make up a story, and then some documents to "prove" my story to be real, and that my "proof" is found to be fake, that I am not guilty of any wrongdoing if I could back to my original lie and say prove that I am wrong. Yes, I lied, but you are only proving that my support isn't real. Prove my lie wrong. I don't hear you saying that I am wrong so I must be right. Does that make sense Dan? Best yet, is his comments about how this is about partisan politics. Of course it is, as you, an extremely liberal person, started the whole process. Oh yeah, all of the "experts" that Dan has trotted out are extremely liberal as well. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black.

Oh where is my wiener girl?

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