Friday, September 10, 2004

Just like watching Willie Wonka

You see this one? Some documents showing that the President did not fulfill his military duties pop up and CBS News runs with the story. Their man, Dan Rather (no, he ain't biased at all!) goes on the news and runs the story showing the documents. They even have 60 minutes run a story as well interviewing the man who helped get Bush into the Guard. He says he regrets it now, blah, blah, blah. Did they mention this man is also a high ranking Texas Dem? That he is a major fund raiser for the Dems? Of course not. But wait, it gets better. The documents are looking to be forgeries. Someone has forged the golden ticket the liberal Bush haters were looking for. Too funny. But then again, maybe not. Is this where we have gone in this country in pure desparation to elect a leader we like?

I committed myself to going camping this weekend. Don't know why. Maybe it was beer pressure. No, that is not a typo. Beer pressure- to be cajoled to join your friends for a couple of beers. What can I say, I am weak.

Watched most of the football game last night. Both the Colts and Pats looked good. But I feel for the Colts fans. They were jinxed in the end. Just before Vanderjagt was going to try the field goal, Al (What a dolt) Michaels spouts off about how he has made like 42 FGs in a row and hasn't missed in like 2 years or something. I said it aloud "Way to jinx him". No way he was going to make that kick now. He didn't and the Colts lose. I know there are people in Indy right now that are still fuming. Announcers should make the comment after the kick is done, not before. The jinx always hits.

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