Friday, October 15, 2004

The biggest idiot on the highway

They just keep on coming. One idiot after another. But this idiot is officially in the running for the Idiot Driver of the Year on the Turnpike award. Yes, the prestigous IDYOT. This nominee hails from Georgia. Saw his going south on I 45 near Center Street. Had his hazard lights on and was doing about 5 mph in the left lane, backing up traffic behind him. As I passed him in the center lane, I noticed he was trying to dial someone up on a cell phone. Hey a-hole! It is bad enough that you are too stupid to just pull over to the side of the road if you have car problems. Get out of the way of traffic and move aside. But there is absolutely no one that your are going to call that is going to be able to help you right now. People who drive and yap on a phone are bad enough. It isn't doing anyone any help that you are crawling at 5mph. I had to keep an eye on this clown and sure as shit, he never pulled over as long as he was within sight. If I was behind him, I would have been raising hell. And I am a calm person.

On a different note, be prepared for the ugliest election in the history of this country. The liberals are already planning to protest when they lose. It is rather sad that unions feel the need to vandalize political candidates offices around the country. Is that what some have resorted to? Thuggery? Pathetic. The big flap in Milwaukee is that there will not be enough ballots. The County Exec has allocated 679,000 ballots. The city has 382,000 registered voters. The population of the city is just under 600,000. What is the problem? I understand both sides of it. By having extra ballots there is the potential for fraud. But what does it harm to have the extra ballots printed? I say look at the numbers. It doesn't make sense to risk the potential for fraud. People need to calm down and stop complaining about problems that do not exist.

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