Thursday, October 14, 2004

Politics, sex, fantasy...what else can I add?

At first I was a little surprised over how many people were getting their undies in a bunch about the "anit Kerry" documentary that will be shown on TV. Sinclair Broadcasting is going to run this movie on all of their stations sometime over the next week or two. The libs are all up in arms about this. To an extent I can understand why. However, it is extremely hypocritical of them. No one on that side was complaining when the fat tub of goo put out Farenheit (which seemed to be as one sided as you could get) and people were given free tickets to see it. Nor when it was offered for free on the internet. But when the right has a movie that blasts their candidate, it isn't fair. Some are saying that Sinclair cannot order stations to put in on and that local stations should ignore the network. First, Sinclair is not a network. They own the stations. If the station managers do not play the movie, they should be fired. Think of what you do for employment. If your boss came to you this morning and told you to work on this project for the day, you would do it. Same thing for the TV station. Hey, if anyone is dense enough to watch this and suddenly make a decision, they were probably leaning that way anyway. Hopefully, it will show some people what total lack of leadership Kerry truly has and that he should not be in charge of our nation's soldiers.

Columbia House sent me an interesting email this morning. They are now offering "mature" movies in the club. They start by featuring dvds from the Playboy collection. Where is the hard core porn??? If they want to make some money, that is what they need to offer. But they must be selling well as there is a bestseller list already. Corporate Fantasy (starring Tracy Smith and Jarod Carey) apparently is the dvd everybody wants.

My fantasy football team could be in trouble this week. My starting running backs are all on bye. I am being forced to start Richie Anderson and either Artose Pinner (Detroit) if I can get him off of waivers or Miami's Brock Forsey. Forsey? Yeah, I don't know who the hell he is either but he is expected to get the start and I am beyond desparate.

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