Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Damn that was good

While drinking, I ate some good pea soup. Man made pea soup. Yeah, I know some women that do cook very well (hat's off to J. Gambino and those meatballs! mmmm....meatballs), but her hubby Ken does make a mean pot of pea soup. It was thick and an awesome taste. Mix that in with a couple of beers and that cat was not going to be sleeping on that bed last night.

Why are certain things better when men are doing the cooking. Grilling is one thing. That is a man's job. Keep the chicks away from flipping burgers or turning steaks. I don't think they understand the concept of searing anyways. But it seems most guys are better at slow cooked meals. Maybe it is because we can be lazy about it. Do 20-30 minutes of chopping and stuff and then sit on our ass as it cooks all day. That is kind of like grilling. It doesn't take long to grill and then we can enjoy that piece of meat in peace.

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