Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What is with the clown?

Warning to Gambino: This entry is about a clown. Some consider him a lovable clown (no not me!) but a clown nonetheless. McDonalds released earnings this morning and came above estimates. On CNBC, the guys on Squawk are going to talk to the CFO of McDonalds. However a segment before they do, one of the 3 mentions the feed they are getting from Mickey D's headquarters. In the shot is the guy from McDonalds, all mic'd up waiting, and behind him sitting at table is Ronald McDonald. The guy is sitting waiting, his eyes shifting around. Behind him, it looks like that clown is ready to enjoy a happy meal. But the guy in the foreground eyes keep moving as if to say "Why is the clown behind me? I can't believe they brought that damn clown in here! This is so embarassing. If that clown does something, I am gonna kill that sonofabitch!"

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