Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Door handles

You ever notice how the same knobs hang out together in the workplace? Just came back from the restroom and it struck me when I walked into the main area and these two real knobs were chatting it up. You might be thinking what makes them knobs. Well, I am gonna tell you. Look around and you will identify them in your workplace. These are the people who think they are better than others. Whether they are a manager (just about always low level with no real power), a good salesperson, or just a hard worker, they think that their shit don't stink. They don't bother to talk to you unless they have to (heaven forbid they should have to speak with someone inferior). They walk around with a pompous attitude acting like they have carte blanche to do whatever they want. They kiss up to higher ups whenever given a chance. Most others know of their knobdom. Except for them of course. The regulars people (regs) always goof on them or let other regs know who they think are knobs. Once in a while, the regs band together and make sure the knobs know where they stand but the knob goes right back into their state of knobness shortly thereafter. Then there are the knob wannabes. Why they would like knob status is beyong me. They think it is a sign of success and that they gain some knoboriety from associating with the knobs. Hey, do yourself a favor and don't sacrifice your life for success. Of course, there is a bit of knob in everyone but that knob gene can be suppressed by regs. In the knobs, it cannot.

Restrooms can be an interesting place sometimes. It is a private area, or at least somewhat. There are many guy rules that are involved in public restrooms. I won't get into those but a strange thing happened this morning. I had my morning business to take care of and went to take care of it. There are 3 stalls in restroom at work. The far one was occupied so I followed a guy rule and took the one furthest away. I sat there doing my thing when I heard this noise from the other stall. Thankfully it wasn't any bodily function noise but some dude rubbing away at something. The tp dispenser would roll and then more scrubbing. A flush then more dispenser noise and scrubbing. I could help but wonder if the guy had shit his pants. If that is the case, go home and change. There is no amount of tp that will take care of it. Or was this dude rubbing his ass with hurricane like force? Hell, he should just bring some kind of ass brush if that was the case. It just seemed weird.

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