Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The dreaded boring meeting

Don't you just dread going into the boring meeting? I hate it with a passion. The problem though is truly two-fold. Because you know it is going to be boring, you don't really want to go. Thus your mindset is in the worst possible position. You will be bored, guaranteed.

That leads us to the second problem. Seeing things.

This is the moment when you start to see people just a little bit different. That husky woman on the other side of the table. You study her and realize she could easily be a man in drag. You think about how ugly she truly is. You look away. Or at least you try. You have the morbid curiousity to continue to look and think about the man in a dress over there.

Or you get the Van Gogh look. You get a profile of someone and can't help but think there face is kinda scrambled up. You swear that the person's eye is in the middle of their face. This is the worse of the two as you can't get this vision out your head. Yeah, man in a dress is nothing compared to the Van Gogh look. This one can drive you mad. No matter how many times you look away or even if you don't look at this person for 15 minutes, the second you do, you can't hear a single word they say as you wonder why their ear is so close to their nose.

And because you have not paid any attention to what is being said in the meeting, you end up scribbling some notes on the pad of paper just to make it look like you understood and know of the situation. If you are lucky, there are handouts. Then you can underline a couple things or write a number or two in the margins.

Hey, anything you can do to survive is necessary.

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