Thursday, October 28, 2004

Isn't it just common sense?

Check out this story from the Milwaukee Journal Challenging registrations

Hmmm....if someone has registered to vote, but given false information to do so, should that vote count? If you go and prove that this voter possibly doesn't even exist, then how do you defend it? If you go to a vacant lot, a restaurant, or a space between houses where supposed voters live, how do you justify that vote? What bothers me is that someone is trying to defend this stance. Just come out and admit you are going to cheat. You did it 4 years ago as each of these "voters" listed above did vote. What is so wrong with winning an election fairly?

Can anyone not see that fraud is being committed? It will be an ugly scene next week. Is it too much to ask for someone to show an ID before they vote? Apparently it is. Though such a simple concept would help to prevent some fraud, unfortunately not all, it is a good step to make sure no one is cheating.

The win at any cost election is going to damage us. The say anything you can whether it is true or not (see missing explosives in Iraq) approach is going to hurt this country. Filing lawsuits contesting an election that hasn't even happened yet is plain pathetic. All the commercials that use lies to make their point just deceive us.

We need common sense back. Such as the Red Sox winning the World Series. I guess Hell hath frozen over? I must say I am shocked that they swept the Cards. Amazing. Congrats.
But I do have a problem with the wild card team winning. Just like last year, another team that wasn't good enough to win their division wins the Series. This isn't like football where there are only 16 games. There are 162 chances to show you are the best. Baseball was better when winning your pennant meant something.

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