Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A four wheel weed wacker

I like my car. I like driving during the summer with the top down, feeling the warmth of the sun. I also like the way my car sounds, with the low growl that a nice Mustang should have. That must be why that Honda sounded so whiny. As I drove in to work this morning, I suddenly heard this high pitched noise, like someone had started an electric mower or were firing up the weed wacker and had the throttle wide open. I knew that it couldn't have been anything on my car making that noise. I looked around and saw the offender. It was a yellow Honda Civic that looked to be suped up (possibly for street racing, or at least that is what they wanted you to think). Now these cars can be fast and they are light and can be made to book. However, this car made this loud noise and was basically going nowhere. After about 5 seconds he finally moved up and around a car, but not after making a loud annoying sound. Why would anyone drive a car that sounds like a weed wacker?

The communist concert against America was in town last night making parking a bitch downtown. Ok, that might be harsh but Mellencamp was out trying to overthrow the government. There were some tour buses causing minor headaches. When I got out, I also had some of their propaganda on my windshield. I noticed what it was right away and thankfully there was a garbage can nearby. As I drove by the Riverside Theater, I saw some people with their shirts on handing out their papers. Of course I reacted too late. If I had noticed a bit earlier I would have put the window down and shouted "Four more years!" to them just to get their panties in a bunch. Damn, now that I think about it, I also could have gone around the block and made a second pass at them.

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Anonymous said...

Randy and I went to the Mellencamp concert at the Riverside last night. When we walked up the the theater I was some what put off by the people on the street. Some were a bit aggressive. Not physically but verbally. When we got inside, there were many people who were trying to get you to sign up to volunteer your time to either go door to door or call peole to have them get out and vote. Most of the people were very nice and not pushy if you said that you were not interested. During the concert, both Mellencamp and Babyface made little speeches. Their comments were limited to the 'get out and vote, it does not matter who you vote for, but vote'. I was very surprised that they did not push their own views on anyone, considering that the proceeds went to the Democratic party...

The concert was excellent. JM played most of his hits as well as a few older songs (Human Wheels and What if I came Knockin') that you don't hear very often. For a Mellenhead that was a treat! Babyface did his set in the middle of the show and did a Clapton tune (change the world) and a John Lennon song (Imagine). Both were fantastic. BTW... this was the first time I had been inside the Riverside. It is a really beautiful place and our seats were really good. Ciao! jo