Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Well, duh!

I went to see the latest on what is happening our fine city on JSOnline and saw one of the stupidest headlines you will ever see.
Attanasio wants winning team here
For those of you not up to speed, this is the guy who just bought the Milwaukee Brewers. And of fucking course he wants a winning team here! What is his purpose for buying a team, to enjoy losing? What bunch of knuckleheads are working at the Journal???

Speaking of baseball, I saw how the Astros did over the last 46 games. They went 36-10. That is amazing. Garner must have sold his soul to the devil.

Apparently it does mean shit. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was docked points and lost his NASCAR points lead when he said "It don't mean shit" on TV. Wow, talk about being tough, but that is a little overboard.

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