Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Leave the kid at home

One thing I have never understood in the workplace- bringing the baby in. Why must the mother bring the crying, screaming kid in to work to show her co-workers? The suddenly is a gaggle of mother hens all surrounding the mother and the baby, cooing about how cute he/she is. Why lie? I have seen some butt ugly babies brought in here! Someone needs to do that to the mother. Once, just once tell her "Damn that is one UUUUUUGLY kid!" Give a Seinfeld whince for effect to.
You know, it was bad enough that you had to work with the person when they were pregnant. First the are taking time off for appointments, leaving early because of the pregnancy, possibly just being a bitch overall. Now, they bring this God awful troll in to make loud noises and disrupt everyone. Sounds like a great idea to me!

The Cowboys traded Antonio Bryant to the Cleveland Browns for Quincy Morgan. WTF? They dealt a talented receiver off for a schlep. I don't like it. Must be some carry over from camp and that jersey throwing incident.

One news item that I found to be classic: A guy in New Jersey was busted for attempting to forge his own release papers. What was he in jail for? Forgery! Hey, can't blame the guy for trying.

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