Thursday, October 21, 2004

Raise a toast!

Speaking of a-holes, maybe I am one of them. I just received an email from a co-worker announcing his sobriety for the last 8 years. He brought in taco dip to celebrate. My first thought was taco dip + tequila = good time.
Then I thought I would raise a glass to toast him. Then I felt a bit sorry for him, then I didn't. I guess he had some serious demons in those days so it is nice that he kicked the habit.

In the end, while drinking, I guess I am happy that I don't have a problem and glad to know there is more booze for me. Man, I could use a beer right now.

Another reason to have that beer is the strange encounter I just had with my manager. He was out of town last week when I was given my walking papers. He had just found out this morning and came to talk to me. He had been avoiding me like the plague for the last week or so and I had assumed he was in the know. He didn't give a pep talk. He told me he had gotten the details and didn't think they were good. He doesn't see how I can leave at the end of the year as they transition accounts over.

So what did I say? I told him that I am willing to continue to help the firm and department in whatever manner I can. However, I do want to move on and find another job as soon as I can. I told him to remember this when I knock him up to be a reference for me (was willing to stay on though he didn't need to- great team player).

I also envision this fantastic deal I somehow cut with the new firm that allows me to walk away at the end of the year, just to have them beg me to accept a position with them a week later. I get to keep the entire severance package and yet negotiate a deal that keeps my seniority as if I never left. Oh yeah, I get a raise too.

And no, I am not drinking as I write that last paragraph. At least, not yet.

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