Thursday, October 21, 2004

We really needed this

Some assclown has gone and created a gadget that attaches to a key chain that allows you to turn on/off any TV you come across. As they say in the press release, whether you are at a bar or an airport, just push the button and within 17 seconds, the TV will turn off. Great, the perfect gift for the total asshole. It is bad enough some dick came up with this, but now a-hole is going to get this and go around turning TVs off thinking it is funny. I have begun to start a pool to pay off the people that kick their ass. Please give to the Asshole Kicking Fund.

The Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees last night. Amazing! To come back from 3 games down and win- on the road nonetheless- is shocking. Especially against the team that has had their number. That has set them down so many times. Who would have picked the Sox to go to the World Series? Me. I have them losing to the Cardinals. Which is another thing. I am surprised to see they have to go to 7 games against the white hot Astros. If the 'Stros win, I know for certain that Phil Garner has sold his soul to the devil. And for all the Brewers fans that think we let a good coach get away...get your head out of your ass! Garner is not that good. Look at his record. It speaks for itself.

No matter what happens to Paul Hamm today on his gold medal, it just goes to show everyone once again that gymnastics is not a sport. It is an athletic competition. Fathers, do yourself a favor and don't let your kids participate in such competitions. Stick to sports. And don't let them touch a soccer ball. It will ruin them for life.

And finally I heard another ridiculous thing on TV about the presidential campaigns. Condoleeza Rice went out to campaign for the President. The Kerry campaign came out and said she should not be on the road but should be doing her job as national security advisor. Senator Kerry doing his job for the state of Massachusetts? No, collecting the paycheck is not wrong. Doing the right thing and stepping down was correct. The people of Massachusetts don't need someone who is sober to represent them.

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