Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekends come and weekends go

by so quickly. I found out that an acquaintance of mine from college decided to change her name. Just out of the blue, she went into work and told everyone from now on to call her Madison. I had two reactions. First, this a classic George Costanza- "From now on, just call me T-bone". I mean, how does someone suddenly decide to be called by a different name? Is that insane? Second, couldn't she have picked a better name. Madison says stripper. Or porn star. Yeah, people are saying that Madision is a popular name but if you are naming a kid that, it is different. A grown woman starts using a slightly different name sounds like stage name. I wonder if she had a pole installed in her living room too?

Slight football talk. Cowboys have the week off. Badgers looked good though no one got to see it on TV until late, hours after the game was over and you knew the score. Tough test this weekend for them as they face OSU. Are the Packers over? The Titans could put the fork in this week. That team looked bad as they lost to a mediocre Giants team. It will be quiet at work today. I found the article in Milwaukee Journal
  • Packers lose, Conspiracy?
  • to be quite amusing. No, I am not laughing at a Packer loss. I found two things that caught my attention. First, Mike Sherman is a terrible GM and not a great coach. There are comments in the article that show him pointing blame on the players and the players alone. Never mind this swarming, attacking defense they thought they could have ( need good corners for that). The defense was like the limp pickle in the stupid Browns/NFL commercial. Where was the offensive plan as well? Why do you have Pederson throwing downfield? He has no arm. Then you bring in 3rd string, who has a strong arm, and the dolt throws the last last in the middle of the field. No timeouts, end of game. But, it is the players fault, not Sherman. Ok, that is what I read. The other part is the ongoing conspiracy of Mike McKenzie. Inside sources say McKenzie could play if he wanted to but this is all part of his planned revenge on Sherman (cue the suspenseful music- dunt dunt daaaaa). A Packers loss did nothing to aid my Cowboys so that part sucked too. Oh well, there is always next year.

    The Brewers season thankfully came to an end. Such a disappointment considering the first half. The collape was killer. It also forced them into a worse record than last year. Sad. Shockingly, a Phil Garner led team made the playoffs. The 'Stros were hot and I must, reluctantly, give Garner some credit. Job well done. And thankfully the Cubs did not disappoint. Way to fold in the end, suckers!

    Surpringly enough, I got another bill from Sprint. This after I had received a letter saying they made an error. What are the odds I get a third bill, and then the threatening collection notice?

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