Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Crappy loaner cars and headhunters

Took my truck in for the usual maintenance. The sad day is coming where I have to put the Mustang away for the winter. My pony will sit in the garage for a couple of months. It is a necessary thing. I drove it for two winters. Not a good thing. Slipping and sliding all over the place. So I got an Explorer to get me through the winter months. I like the truck. Good change of pace. So every fall I break it out and get the oild changed, tired rotated, etc. This year I also had to have them find out what was draining my battery. I just had them replace it either earlier this year or last. I am waiting to find out what the story is. Usually I have heard from the garage by now.

One of the good things about the place I take my vehicles into is that they give you a free loaner car. Now these cars are not necessarily the best, but they aren't the worst either. They get you around for the day you have them. But there are two bad things about them. One is the grungy feel they get with all the different people that have been in them. Some of the cars just feel dirty. The other thing is trying to adjust all the mirrors and figuring out where the proper controls are. I am not listening to talk radio during my drive. It took me a couple of minutes to change the radio from AM to FM yesterday. That and I drove with the dome light on for like 15 minutes as I punched buttons to figure out how to turn the thing off.

But just like being on vacation, you get to beat the hell out of the loaner. I drove on the rough roads today bouncing around like a rubber ball. Quick braking when not needed. All the fun stuff. Yeah, that is stupid but hey, I feel obligated to treat this like any car I would rent.

I also talked to a headhunter today. Last week I got an email out of the blue asking if I was interested in a job. I was curious as to why I was getting this at work but responded asking for more information. I spoke with this person today. What a weirdo! Does anyone like those people who act like they are you oldest friend from the moment you first meet them? This lady didn't even introduce herself properly and started talking about how my experience will be easy to find opportunities but we need to find the right one for me. Curiousity got the best of me so I will see what she looks like. Could be quite funny.

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