Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Loving today's Daily Czabe

The football season sucks when your team isn't performing well. My beloved Dallas Cowboys has shown some sparks but the defense, what was thought to be the strength of the team, has one pathetic secondary. Thus, the Sundays can be rough. But at least the Redskins suck more. And as Czabe puts it, things don't look good with the coach. Go read the Daily Czabe. This puts a smile on a Cowboys fan's face. When you aren't winning many games, beating the Deadskins saves the season (for you Packer fans, real fans that is, it would be the Bears). They said Gibbs was gone too long and the game had changed. Apparently he doesn't think so. And I am loving it!

I forgot to mention the fact the loaner car I got was an old man's car. A big roomy Buick LeSabre. I am surprised it doesn't have the grampa smell in it as well.

Also keep reading the Daily Czabe. They talk about the WWE spoof of the Monday Night Football intro. Great stuff. Check it out at
It is on the main page under under "Are you Ready?"

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