Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Crisis averted

There is a little shindig going on at work here today. An associate appreciation event. One concern I had was what was printed on the invite. It said "classic" beverages would be served. At first I thought, martinis, maybe a nice Rob Roy (hey, I have no clue what it is but is sounds classic), or maybe a nice Old Fashion.

So imagine the shock, nay, the HORROR I felt when I walked through the Atrium and saw all these bottles of soda on the tables. What? I thought it wasn't a Strong party unless there were tubs of beer. I remember the good ol' days where you couldn't help but trip over all the booze that was around.

I continued down the stairs, in a daze, wondering what happened to our workplace. I told a fellow associate of the hideous scene I had witnessed and told him there better be some 7 Crown up there by the time 4 rolls around or this will be one boring party.

Minutes later, I would be relieved to see some Lite and Heineken rolling in. Whew!

Crisis averted.

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