Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Estimated wait time from here 0 minutes

I left work a bit early on Tuesday. I had to go vote and wanted to get there as early as I could to avoid any lines. Other people at work that had voted already had waited anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. I estimate that I would probably have to wait an hour. I think it took about 30 minutes back in 2000, so I didn't mind waiting another 30 minutes if need be. If I need to wait 3 hours to cast my vote, then so be it.

I run into a friend on my way out. Tell him that I am going to vote. He tells me good luck and be prepared to wait. I tell him my game plan: Go home. Grab jacket. Grab magazine. Walk the 2 blocks to the school and wait. He asked where the drink a beer was in the plan. Even my co-workers know me well.

My plan goes without a hitch. Even traffic isn't too bad. I park the car. Grab my jacket and a copy of Maxim. Hey, who doesn't want to look at scantily clad women while waiting in line to vote?!?!?! I walk to the school, open the door and start down the steps and see the line. Not too long, maybe 2, 3 dozen people tops. A lady with a rather smart looking black vest asks me if I know what district I am in. Shit! I was prepared as I know my ward. So I went to the dreaded board. In the past, they had just a map up there that had thick lines on it so if you were on a border, you had little clue which district you were in. But this time, they had a simple sheet that told me I was in 252. I proceed to go back to the black vested lady and tell her my district. She points me down the line and says to see the guy in the black vest.

I walk down the hall, pass all the people in line. At the front of the line, they have people registering, about a dozen there. I tell the guy that they lady sent me up and that I am in district 252. He points me right on in, first table. Cha ching! I get my ballot with no wait and am out of there is just a couple of minutes. Total wait....0. Sweet.

Best yet, it appears the President will be re-elected. The Dow and Nasdaq are screaming upwards in the pre-markets. Time to put on the safety belt however as any news out of Ohio could whipsaw the markets.

Maybe the best thing about it all is that we see that a campaign of hate just doesn't work. You can lie and distort the truth all you want. Americans are too smart to fall for the BS. The 527s tried to break the laws and it didn't work. Mainstream media and Dan Rather attempted to fabricate any news they could to bring down our government and suppress any facts about the challenger. It didn't work. Terrorists are losing and they will continue to lose. Funny how I feel better today.

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